What is the Pod?

The Pod is a modern alternative to the traditional catering options found at events and parties.

the Pizza Pod

The Pod itself (shown right) is a mobile wood burning oven which, when set up can provide you and your guests, with tasty pizza for as long as your require. It can be set up to provide amazing fresh tasting pizzas at your wedding, party or at your home.

Once the Pod is fully fired up, pizzas can be cooked in only minutes, meaning that every pizza is a fresh one, going straight from the oven to your plate.

The pizza oven has been bespoke made in Italy using traditional materials and has been ingeniously incorporated onto a trailor.  It now resides in Yorkshire but travels throughout the north of England and the Midlands.

What We Do

The Pizza Pod People would arrive at your venue approximately two hours before you require pizzas to set up the oven, marquee and other equipment and to allow time for the oven to be fired up to its correct temperature.

Once the oven is up and running our Pizza Pod chef can start to cook your pizzas. We have lots of flavour combinations to choose from and also like to have themed pizzas relating to the event we are attending. We can work with you to come up with an exciting array of pizzas, with something to appeal to each of your guests.


If you like everthing you've heard so far and would like some more information you can call us for a chat or fill in the contact us form with your query and we will get back to you. You can even come and see us in action at our next event. To keep up to date with where will be follow us on Twitter and Facebook or keep checking our website. We regularly do events often in our home county Yorkshire.